Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What fun! GOOP for everyone.

I seem to be suffering from some sort of illness. Hopefully it is not the pox. My personal physician has already done some blood letting in hopes of staving off death. One must be so careful! One minute you are sneezing, the next you are being thrown into the catacombs of Paris. While reclining on my chaise recovering, I came across this interesting website. It appears to be some sort of guide on how to become the penultimate snob. I love it! It was created by one of the original purveyors all things snobby, Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes the woman who dated Brad Pitt, named her child after a piece of fruit, and eats a macrobiotic diet. All these achievement's point to her ability to out snob the best of them. Enjoy exploring all the ways you can....make, go, be, see, get, and do! Just remember you will not be able to do any of it as well as Mrs. Coldplay. Okay...I am off to soak in a tub of fresh cows milk. One must keep up appearances when one is under the weather.

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