Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Martha....

This little gem was the inspiration for the Snob Blog. It really is quite a lovely example of how to be a snob. Step 1: Discuss former personal chef. Oh the horror's of our economic times. What does one do without a chef? Which brings us to Step 2: Make your housekeeper cook instead. Step 3: Pretend that eating jellied pigs feet is a "casual" ocurrence. Every snob knows that to truly seperate yourself from that rabble one must eat things that no one else in their right mind would consume unless you are trapped on a desert island. Step 4: Mention how fresh and healthy you are. Only a true snob finds the need to remind everyone how much better they are at living and breathing then the rest of the population. Step 4: Refer to a lunch that took about six hours to make as "casual". We are just beginning to learn the ways to snobhood. Martha still has much to teach us.

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